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Herbal Medicine

This is no coincidence, for knowing how to heal oneself through reciprocal relationship with the natural world is quite threatening to our capitalist and colonial oppressors. People who know how to heal themselves through direct interaction with the non-human world are less dependent on the petrochemical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex, more resilient in the face of late-capitalist social decline, and more likely to think critically about the harms of the mechanistic-materialist paradigm that characterizes modernity. Most of all, engaging with the astonishing power of plant medicine is one pathway towards the re-enchantment of our wounded bodies and souls.

While I’ve been practicing clinical herbal medicine since 2015, I’m more focused these days on contemplating how North American herbalists are reviving ancient wisdom, reclaiming lost or suppressed healing traditions, and recombining them with an anticapitalist and anticolonial politics.

I write and teach workshops on related herbal topics including:

  • The influence of capitalist-colonialism on modern medicine
  • Philosophy of science and medicine
  • Ancestral healing through reconnection to precolonial healing paradigms
  • Re-enchanting Euro-American herbalism
  • The historical overlap of Occult magic, astrology, and European herbalism
  • The pagan metaphysics at the root of traditional Western herbalism compared with the monotheistic foundations of modern medicine
  • And clinical topics including herbs for respiratory illnesses, blood sugar dysregulation, digestive health, and so on.

If you’re interested in having me speak on any of these or related topics, please get in touch via the form below.