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Classes, Talks, & Workshops

I teach classes and workshops at the intersection of many topics including: herbal medicine, the politics and philosophy of medicine and healing, environmental sustainability and climate justice, anticolonial and anticapitalist struggle, re-enchanting the Western mind, reclaiming animist and pagan paradigms, ancestral healing in the context of capitalist-colonialism, mythology, writing visionary fiction, and more.

Below are listed recent and future talks, workshops, and classes I have given or will be giving.

Samhain and Ancestral Healing in the Context of Settler Colonialism

Saturday, October 15, 2022. 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT. Virtual.

More info here.

Samhain (November 1) is one of the four most important days of the Gaelic calendar. It is a time of remembering ancestors, grieving, contemplating death, and preparing for the darker half of the year. Samhain is an excellent time to consider how Euro-American settlers can connect to our ancestors and ancestral traditions in the confusing context of settler colonialism. 

In this class, we will discuss the importance of grappling with both the beautiful and the difficult aspects of ancestral heritage, especially for Euro-American settlers wishing to understand the harms of capitalist-colonialism. Why might we wish to re-engage with ancestral healing traditions and plant medicine? What are some potential pitfalls, and why is it important to think critically as we approach ancestral healing work? How might we grieve for harms that our ancestors have both experienced and perpetuated?

In particular, we’ll review the complicated role of the Gaelic diaspora in North American colonialism, and how knowing our ancestors’ histories of anti-colonial struggle can enable us to come into more meaningful solidarity with liberatory movements today. We’ll talk about a few traditional grieving practices from Ireland and Scotland, and consider the important role that grief rituals play in healing from and resisting colonial trauma.

Past 2021 & 2022 Classes

November 2022 – Decolonizing Western Herbal Medicine, at the University of Vermont (guest lecturer in Katherine Elmer’s environmental studies class)

September 2022 – Right Livelihood & Radical Healing in the Context of Capitalist-Colonialism, at Goddard College

November 2021 – Re-enchanting Western Herbalism, at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

July 2021 – Holistic Healthcare for Chronic & Severe Respiratory Infections, at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism